About Us

We started out 25 years ago as a family business led by my father, a glass artisan. Our company has grown in automatic production to 50 tons of bottles and jars and we continue my father’s legacy by producing 5 tons of mouth blown/hand press products.

We like to call ourselves, ‘The Glass Pioneers’ in India, as we were one of the first to bring automated equipment to our factory, while keeping our artisan virtues.

As such, we have decided to do the unique again, by offering designer products, through our association with Ormand Peugeot, thus allowing even bulk buyers to attach our brand to theirs with certain products purchased from us. Those products can be bought Gift Packaged or in bulk with our always terrific prices. We give you this extraordinary value, free. When using the Ormand Peugeot Brand in products bought from us in bulk, we request your signature of a simple agreement that is available upon request.

Come on, let’s travel together into this extraordinary journey!

Narij Metha